Together, making a difference in our communities.

What is FtC-BtC?

A game plan that is Uniting Us to enable Us to create self sufficient communities filled with resources and opportunities for Us and Our loved ones for the rest of our lives.

Everything a community would need to live a peaceful, enjoyable life, such as its very own aquaponics garden, day care center, recreational center, and more all free to members.

A game plan created to connect us with a set of benefits that will ultimately change the way we view life now and forever more.

Sign up today and begin to help your community get a few steps closer to an abundance of resources you and your family will benefit from for generations to come.

Sign up today and claim your seat at the table of decision makers that are gathering in your local community...

Neighbors, friends and even family of yours that have decided to be apart of this movement towards a greater tomorrow for Us All.